Unique Espio The Chameleon Design

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The ifrit is the final boss of sonic rivals . it is an interdimensional, demonic firecreature of incredible power from another dimension which was documented by gerald robotnik.Vector the crocodile ( bekut za kurokodairu) is fictional anthropomorphic crocodile from the sonic the hedgehog series who debuted in . Knuckles’ chaotix is sidescrolling platform game developed and published by sega for the x.spinoff of the sonic the hedgehog series, it features knuckles the echidna and four other characters known as the chaotix, who must prevent doctor robotnik and metal sonic from obtaining six magic rings and conquering mysterious . Sonic the fighters, also known as sonic championship, is arcade fighting game starring the everlovin’ cobaltfurred insectivore and his pals. mad .

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