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Eduardo perez is the owner of the mexican restaurant salsa& salsa in the paradise mall and the hidden main antagonist in despicable me . what few know, however, is that he is actually the ilrious el macho, renowned, superhumanlevel strong bank robber. the undercover supervillain has now.Page for describing pantheon antiheroes. greater s s, of nineties anti heroes (al simmons, the guardian, sad man, omega s) greater ( . In watchmen, dr. manhattan acts as the foil to both rorschach and ozymandias.watchmen is full of these. rorschach and ozymandias are very obviously foils, since their lifestyles, methods and ideologies are the exact opposite (rorschach is apathetic while ozymandias is empathetic, rorschach is ugly while ozymandias is . The neptunes are twomember producing group consisting of pharrell williams and chad hugo.this discography lists the recorded performances as duo and individuals. it also lists the writing and production credits as the neptunes, as .